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Keeping away computer viruses with malachite

Malachite is a transformational crystal that lets you live life more intensely under its
influence. Some people believe it will become one of the most prized healing stones
of this century. Malachite is reputed to help with spiritual development and inner
journeying; it is also very protective - those who use it regularly say that it breaks
into pieces when danger is near.
Placed on your desk, malachite will soak up some of the electromagnetic pollution
emitted by your computer and other appliances. You can make it your own personal
guardian against viruses that can attach your computer via the internet and email. Its
healing energy can be an added repellent to any new viruses that are attacking software
programs and can be uses alongside your dedicated anti-virus program. The stone
dispels negativity, absorbing any radiation and pollutants that leak into the atmosphere.

Crystal cure

Pick up your stone and hold it firmly in your hand to feel its power and purifying
abilities. Ask it to soak up any negativity from your office space and send out strong
positive energetic rays around your computer to keep it virus-free. Circle the stone
around the computer twice daily, morning and late afternoon. Cleanse the stone after
each use under running water, or see pages 149-153.

Keeping away computer viruses with malachite